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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Midlothian

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Midlothian

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Midlothian

When you’re alone and struggling with addiction, the future may seem bleak. Thankfully, there’s hope. Contact us today so we can connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Midlothian, Scotland specifically suited to meet your needs. We’re always on standby to help you get your life back on track.

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Finding help in Midlothian

We know the struggle you’re going through when it comes to seeking help for addiction. Even if you want to quit, you may not have the willpower to stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

Addiction is a disease. If you’re not willing to acknowledge and confront this disease head-on, it will eventually consume you. Reach out to us today. Our friendly staff will connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Midlothian that offers the specific services you need.

We want to help you get your life back on track, but we can’t get you the help you need until you reach out to us. Overcome your nagging doubts and contact us today. The longer you wait, the worse your addiction will become.

What happens if you don’t treat your addiction?

Delaying treatment is a recipe for disaster. If you delay too long, a casual indulgence may transmogrify into outright dependency and addiction. Once dependency occurs, it will be challenging to give up your addiction, even with the aid of a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Midlothian.

Before reaching out to us, you must think long and hard about your motives. Are you reaching out to us because you’re being forced to do so by your family and friends?

It’s vitally important you come to us with the right intentions. If you’re forced into treatment, there’s a strong chance you will relapse after you’ve left our care. If you come for the right reasons, however, then you will exponentially improve your chances of staying sober for the long term.

What type of care is offered in rehab treatment facilities in Midlothian?

You’ll find that drug and alcohol rehab treatment centres in Midlothian offer two primary forms of care – inpatient and outpatient care. Both types of care have their pros and cons, but we strongly advocate inpatient care for several reasons.

For drug rehab Midlothian has several options that take you away from the people and lifestyle that contribute to your addiction. There are specialised centres to deal with specific drugs and addictions.

For one, inpatient care immerses you within an environment wholly committed to your recovery. You will always have the peace of mind that professionally trained staff will be close by to render aid at any given moment.

Another advantage of inpatient care is that it cuts you off from outside triggers. No matter how powerful your urges, you won’t be able to access drugs or alcohol while you’re a resident at a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Midlothian.

Outpatient care, on the other hand, involves recovering from home. Outpatient care is highly convenient for those who have daily responsibilities, such as school or work. That said, this form of care can be dangerous because you’ll still have access to drugs and alcohol. Even passing by a room where you drink regularly, for example, can trigger a drinking episode.

For alcohol rehab Midlothian can provide you with a safe abstinent space in a world where drinking is so common.

It only takes one slip up to undo all of your hard work. Call us today so we can connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Midlothian to help get your life back on the right track.

What should you expect in a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Midlothian?

When you first check into a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Midlothian, you will immediately undergo detox. Detox involves purging the toxins from your body left behind by rampant drug and alcohol abuse. This process is challenging to cope with because you’ll typically experience withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to severe.

Mild withdrawal symptoms typically include headaches and nausea, whereas more extreme symptoms can include hallucinations, stroke, and even cardiac arrest. This is one of the primary reasons why you should choose an inpatient care facility.

When choosing a centre location is important if you are looking for an alcohol rehab Penicuik, Loanhead and Bonnyrigg are common spots to choose. If you prefer somewhere more rural you might prefer a rehab in Auchterarder for more of an escapist feel.

What happens after detox?

Detox is only the first part of the equation. While it’s essential to healing the body, it’s just as important to healing the mind. Many of the drug and alcohol rehab treatment centres we partner with in Midlothian keep a psychologist on staff to offer therapy.

The psychologist will help you identify the behaviours that lead to your addictive tendencies. You may find it difficult to express yourself during the initial stages of your therapy sessions. However, you will eventually be forced to confront and conquer your mental struggles to complete the rehabilitation process.

Aftercare services in Midlothian

After you’ve finished your rehabilitation in a drug and alcohol rehab treatment centre in Midlothian, you can finally return to your regular life. Even though you’ve achieved sobriety, you will still be fighting against addiction triggers for the rest of your life.

As such, our drug and alcohol rehab treatment partners in Midlothian offer aftercare services to help you remain sober for the long term. Aftercare involves regular therapy sessions with a psychologist to help you confront the mental struggles that will continue to appear in your life.

You’ll also be given information on both local and national support groups where you can connect with other people who have also battled with addiction. Speaking with people who have walked in your shoes should provide the guidance you need to overcome any possible triggers in your life and continue living addiction-free.

Contact us today to turn your life around.

No matter how severe your situation, there’s always hope. If you live in Midlothian, contact us today so we can help you overcome your addiction. The decision to live addiction-free starts with you. Get your life back on track by contacting our team of specialists today on 02072052845.

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